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Cosmetic Dental Procedures


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All-On-Two, prices
All-On-Four, prices
All-On-Six, prices
All-On-Eight, prices
Apicoectomy, prices

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Bridges – metal/porcelain, prices
Bridges – Implant-supported, prices
Bridges – All-On-Four, prices
Bonding, prices
Bone Grafts, prices
Braces, prices

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Caps (Hollywood caps), prices
Ceramic Crowns, prices
Cerec crowns, prices
Cleft lip and palate surgery, prices
Complete Smile Makeover, prices
Corrective jaw surgery, prices
Crowns, prices
Crowns, EMAX, prices
Crowns, pure porcelain, prices
Crowns, CEREC pure porcelain, prices
Crowns, Zirconium EMAX, prices

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Dental Implants, prices
Dental Implant crowns, prices
Dental Makeover, prices
Dental Plans, prices
Dentures – full or partial, prices
Dentures – implant-supported, prices
Dental Whitening, prices

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Fillings, prices
Full Mouth Rehabilitation, prices

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Gum surgery, prices
Grafts, prices
Gold Filled Crowns, prices

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High Noble Crowns, prices
Holistic biocompatibility testing, prices
Holistic biocompatible treatment, prices
Holistic Ceramic Implants, prices
Holistic Dentistry, prices
Holistic full mouth rehabilitation, prices
Holistic dentures, prices
Holistic fillings removal, prices
Holistic jaw Osteonecrosis, prices
Holistic detox treatment, prices
Holistic oral surgery, prices
Holistic oxygen treatment, prices
Holistic ozone treatment, prices
Holistic oxygen/ozone therapy, prices
Holistic pediatric dentistry, prices
Holistic periodontal treatment, prices
Holistic plasma and bone grafts, prices
Holistic root canal treatment, prices
Holistic sleep dentistry, prices
Holistic temporo-mandibular, prices
Holistic zirconium implants, prices

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Inlays/onlays, prices
Implants, prices
Invisalign, prices
Invisible Braces, prices
Invisible Braces Aligners, prices

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Maxillofacial Surgery, prices
Metal Braces, prices
Metal/porcelain crowns, prices

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Onlays/Inlays, prices
Oral Pathology, prices
Oral Surgery, prices
Oral and Maxillofacial, prices
Orthognathic Surgery, prices
Orofacial Pain, prices

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Periodontal Surgery, prices
Pure porcelain crowns, prices
Pure Porcelain Emax crowns, prices
Pure Porcelain/ Zirconium Emax crowns, prices
Pure Porcelain Veneers, prices

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Sinus Lift, prices
Smile Makeover, prices

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Teeth Whitening, prices
TMJ Disorder, prices
Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, prices

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Zirconium Crowns, prices
Zirconium Veneers, prices

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