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Extractions in Kansas

The average price for Extractions in Kansas is $250.  The same procedure in Costa Rica is $60.


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A tooth extraction is simply the removal of a tooth from the bone. Extractions are performed for positional and structural reasons and also to remove teeth that are decayed and cannot be restored. Costa Rica has much lower prices than Kansas and the very best top rated dentists.

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An extractions procedure can be combined with other procedures  in a low cost package.


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An extractions procedure can be performed along with any smile makeover procedures.

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An extractions procedure can be combined with other dental work in a low cost package.

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Here are details of dental work in Costa Rica including dentists, procedures, travel, where to stay, and important links.

What it includes:

The procedure includes all dental fees, pre-procedure work-up, the dental work itself and all follow-up care.  This is everything you need!  No surprises!

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Picture of a modern dental office in beautiful Costa Rica.

Extractions in Costa Rica

Dental work in Costa Rica is very popular.  San José, Costa Rica is a beautiful city and the main destination when having dental procedures in Costa Rica because of its ultra-modern dental centers and exceptional board certified dentists. 

Picture of a Costa Rican dentist with a patient.

The dentists in San José, Costa Rica are among the very best in the world. They are board-certified and very experienced in the full range of dental procedures.

Picture of airplanes in the gate area of the San José, Costa Rica airport.


The airport is the Juan Santamaria International Airport, also known as San José International Airport, or SJO. There are many non-stop flights from the U.S., as well as many flights from Canada, Europe, Central America and South America.


Picture of a family sightseeing in San José, Costa Rica and feeding birds in the Teatro Nacional park.

Tours and Sightseeing

San José, Costa Rica has been a major medical tourism destination for many years because of the low dental prices and world-class dentists. While here, enjoy tours and sightseeing in beautiful San José, Costa Rica.

Picture of a poolside dining table at the beautiful Costa Rica Medical Center Inn, in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Medical Center Inn

Your stay will be at the luxury Costa Rica Medical Center Inn while having dental work and where you will enjoy all of the first-class amenities for which Costa Rica is famous.


Picture of a luxury room at the beautiful Costa Rica Medical Center Inn, in San José, Costa Rica.

Medical Tourism Information

The cost for Extractions in Costa Rica is very low. In fact, up to 2/3rd’s lower than Kansas.  Here is information, reviews and prices for Extractions in Costa Rica. Costa Rica offers the top rated dentists offering Extractions at the very lowest price. A tooth extraction is simply the removal of a tooth from the bone. Extractions are performed for positional and structural reasons and also to remove teeth that are decayed and cannot be restored. Costa Rica has much lower prices than Kansas and the very best top rated dentists.  All dentists in Costa Rica are board certified dentists and have extensive experience and training in their fields. Please write us for a low price quote.


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Each year thousands of people come to Costa Rica for medical tourism.  We welcome people from these major cities in Kansas:

Abilener KS, Allen KS, Allen County KS, Anderson County KS, Arkansas City KS, Atchison KS, Atchison County KS, Barber County KS, Barton County KS, Bluff City KS, Bourbon County KS, Brown County KS, Burlingame KS, Burlington KS, Butler County KS, Chase KS, Chase County KS, Chautauqua KS, Chautauqua County KS, Cherokee KS, Cherokee County KS, Cheyenne County KS, Clark County KS, Clay County KS, Cloud County KS, Coffey County KS, Comanche County KS, Cowley County KS, Crawford County KS, Decatur County KS, Dickinson County KS, Dodge City KS, Doniphan County KS, Douglas County KS, Edwards County KS, Elk City KS, Elk County KS, Elk Falls KS, Elkhart KS, Ellis KS, Ellis County KS, Ellsworth KS, Ellsworth County KS, Eureka KS, Finney County KS, Ford KS, Ford County KS, Fort Leavenworth KS, Fort Riley KS, Fort Scott KS, Franklin KS, Franklin County KS, Geary County KS, Gove KS, Gove County KS, Graham County KS, Grant County KS, Gray County KS, Greeley KS, Greeley County KS, Greenwood County KS, Hamilton KS, Hamilton County KS, Harper KS, Harper County KS, Harvey County KS, Haskell County KS, Hodgeman County KS, Jackson County KS, Jefferson County KS, Jewell KS, Jewell County KS, Johnson KS, Johnson County KS, Kearny County KS,Kingman KS, Kingman County KS, Kiowa KS, Kiowa County KS, Labette County KS. Lane KS, Lane County KS, Leavenworth KS, Leavenworth County KS, Lincoln KS, Lincoln County KS, Linn County KS, Logan KS, Logan County KS, Lyon County KS, Marion KS, Marion County KS, Marshall County KS, McPherson KS, McPherson County KS, Meade KS, Meade County KS, Miami County KS, Mitchell County KS, Montgomery County KS, Morris County KS, Morton County KS, Nemaha County KS, Neosho County KS, Ness County KS, Osage County KS, Osborne KS, Osborne County KS, Ottawa KS, Ottawa County KS, Overland Park KS, Pawnee County KS, Phillips County KS, Pottawatomie County KS, Pratt KS, Pratt County KS, Rawlins County KS, Reno County KS, Republic KS, Republic County KS, Rice County KS, Riley KS,Riley County KS, Rooks County KS, Rush County KS, Russell KS, Russell County KS, Salina KS, Saline County KS, Scott City KS, Scott County KS, Sedgwick KS, Sedgwick County KS, Seward County KS, Sharon KS, Sharon Springs KS, Shawnee KS, Shawnee County KS, Shawnee Mission KS, Sheridan County KS, Sherman County KS, Smith County KS, Stafford KS, Stafford County KS, Stanton County KS, Stevens County KS, Sumner County KS, Thomas County KS, Topeka KS, Trego County KS, Wabaunsee County KS, Wallace KS, Wallace County KS, Washington KS, Washington County KS, Waverly KS, Wichita KS, Wichita County KS, Wilson KS, Wilson County KS, Wyandotte County KS.


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