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Mole Removal
in California

The average price for Mole Removal in California is $700.  The same procedure in Costa Rica is $280.


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Picture of Dr. Caballero, Costa Rica.

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Moles can be removed surgically, but depending on the mole(s), a laser may also be used. Many times, a combination of (minor) surgery and a laser is used. Costa Rica has much lower prices than California and the very best top rated laser specialists.

Close-up picture of a woman’s back showing a laser mole removal procedure.


A mole removal procedure is only $280.  It is meticulously done by Costa Rica’s best board certified laser specialists.


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A Mole Removal procedure can be performed along with any type of laser skin enhancement treatment.


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A mole removal procedure can be combined with other procedures in a package.

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Here are details of laser procedures in Costa Rica including doctors, procedures, travel, where to stay, and important links.

What it includes:

The procedure includes all doctor fees, pre-procedure work-up, the laser procedure itself and all follow-up care.  This is everything you need!  No surprises!

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Picture of a modern laser waiting room in beautiful Costa Rica.

Mole Removal in Costa Rica

Laser treatments in Costa Rica are very popular.  San José, Costa Rica is a beautiful city and the main destination when having laser procedures in Costa Rica because of its ultra-modern laser centers and exceptional board certified doctors. 


Picture of a grouping of laser machines.

The Laser Specialists in San José, Costa Rica are among the very best in the world. They are board-certified and very experienced in the full range of laser procedures.

Picture of airplanes in the gate area of the San José, Costa Rica airport.


The airport is the Juan Santamaria International Airport, also known as San José International Airport, or SJO. There are many non-stop flights from the U.S., as well as many flights from Canada, Europe, Central America and South America.


Picture of a family sightseeing in San José, Costa Rica and feeding birds in the Teatro Nacional park.

Tours and Sightseeing

San José, Costa Rica has been a major medical tourism destination for many years because of the low laser prices and world-class laser specialists.  While here, enjoy tours and sightseeing in beautiful San José, Costa Rica.

Picture of a poolside dining table at the beautiful Costa Rica Medical Center Inn, in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Medical Center Inn

Your stay will be at the luxury Costa Rica Medical Center Inn while having laser work done and where you will enjoy all of the first-class amenities for which Costa Rica is famous.


Picture of a luxury room at the beautiful Costa Rica Medical Center Inn, in San José, Costa Rica.

Medical Tourism Information

The cost for a mole removal procedure in Costa Rica is very low. In fact, up to 2/3rd’s lower than California.  Here is information, reviews and prices for a mole removal procedure in Costa Rica. Costa Rica offers the top rated dentists offering mole removal procedures at the very lowest price. Moles can be removed surgically, but depending on the mole(s), a laser may also be used. Many times, a combination of (minor) surgery and a laser is used. Costa Rica has much lower prices than California and the very best top rated laser specialists.  Laser specialists in Costa Rica are board certified doctors and have extensive experience and training in their fields. Please write us for a low price quote.


California state map with counties

Picture of the california state.

Costa Rica welcomes patients from these California cities:

Alameda County CA, Anaheim CA, Beverly Hills CA, Brentwood CA, Burbank CA, Chula Vista CA, Costa Mesa CA, Covina CA, Cupertino CA, Del Ray CA, Encino CA, Fremont CA, Fresno CA, Fullerton CA, Garden Grove CA, Gardena CA, Glendale CA, Granada Hills CA, Hermosa Beach CA, Hidden Hills CA, Hollywood CA, Huntington Beach CA, Inglewood CA, Irvine CA, La Jolla CA, La Mesa CA, Laguna Beach CA, Laguna Hills CA, Lake Tahoe CA, Loma Linda CA, Long Beach CA, Los Alamitos CA, Los Alamos CA, Los Altos CA, Los Angeles CA, Madera County CA, Malibu CA, Manhattan Beach CA, Marin County CA, Marina del Rey CA, Mariposa County CA, Mendocino County CA, Menlo Park CA, Merced County CA, Mill Valley CA, Mira Loma CA, Miramonte CA, Mission Hills CA, Mission Viejo CA, Modesto CA, Modoc County CA, Montebello CA, Monterey County CA, Napa County CA, Newport Beach CA, North Hollywood CA, North Palm Springs CA, North San Juan CA, Northern California CA, Novato CA, Oak Hills CA, Oak Park CA, Oakdale CA, Oakland CA, Oakley CA, Oceanside CA, Orange County CA, Oxnard CA, Pacific Grove CA, Pacific Palisades CA, Pacifica, Palm Springs CA, Palo Alto CA, Palo Verdes CA, Pasadena CA, Pebble Beach CA, Pismo Beach CA, Pomona CA, Redlands CA, Redondo Beach CA, Redwood City CA, Redwood Valley CA, Reseda CA, Riverside County CA, Sacramento County CA, Salida CA, Salinas CA, San Benito CA, San Bernardino County CA, San Fernando CA, San Francisco CA, San Gabriel CA, San Joaquin County CA, San Jose CA, San Juan Capistrano CA, San Luis Obispo County CA, San Marino CA, San Mateo County CA, San Pedro CA, San Rafael CA, San Ramon CA, San Simeon CA, Santa Ana CA, Santa Barbara County CA, Santa Clara County CA, Santa Clarita CA, Santa Cruz County CA, Santa Monica CA, Santa Rosa CA, Santee CA, Saratoga CA, Sausalito CA, Seal Beach CA, Seaside CA, Sepulveda CA, Shasta County CA, Sheridan CA, Sherman Oaks CA, Sierra County CA, Sierra Madre CA, Silverado CA, Simi Valley CA, Solano County CA, Sonoma County CA, Sonora CA, South Lake Tahoe CA, South Pasadena CA, Southern California CA, Squaw Valley CA, Stanislaus County CA, Stockton CA, Studio City CA, Sun City CA, Sun Valley CA, Sunnyvale CA, Sunset Beach CA, Surfside CA, Sutter County CA, Sutter Creek CA, Tahoe City CA, Tarzana CA, Tehama County CA, Templeton CA, Thousand Oaks CA, Thousand Palms CA, Three Rivers CA, Torrance CA, Trinity County CA, Tulare County CA, Tuolumne County CA, Turlock CA, Universal City CA, Valencia CA, Vallejo CA, Van Nuys CA, Venice CA, Ventura County CA, Vista CA, Walnut Creek CA, Walnut Grove CA, West Covina CA, West Hollywood CA, West Menlo Park CA, West Sacramento CA, Westwood CA, Whittier CA, Woodland Hills CA, Yermo CA, Yolo County CA, Yorba Linda CA, Yreka CA, Yuba City CA, Yucca Valley CA, Zenia CA.


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