Dr. Federico Macaya

Dr. Federico Macaya
President of the Costa Rica Association of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery

This is Dr. Macaya. I appreciate your inquiry and the opportunity to answer your questions.

In order for me to give you factual information about the procedure you have in mind, I will need to know a little about your medical history and I would prefer to see a picture of the area of your interest. I can then determine the scope of the surgery you will need and send an estimate to you by email.

You may use any digital camera to take a simple photo of the area (s) you wish me to see, and attach it to an email and send to me at fmacaya@arrivacostarica.com

Your initial consultation can take place with me on the day you arrive in Costa Rica, or the day after, and your surgery can be performed on the next day. You may have a medical checkup either at home with your own doctor, or you may have it done here before your surgery.

Please answer the following questions about your medical history. We will answer your questions in detail immediately upon receipt and advise you of surgery date availability.

Please describe the surgery you wish to have:

Do you have any specific concerns or questions about the procedure

Name:       Last name:

Sex:  M    Age:  yrs.  Email address:

Height    Weight

Are you taking any kind of medication?  Yes    No

If so, please list:

Have you had any surgeries in the past? If so, when? (please give some detail):

Have you ever suffered one or more of the following illnesses:

Heart diseases
High blood pressure
Coagulation disorders
Ulcer / Gastritis

Do you smoke?   Yes  No

Please check surgery availability, your preferred dates:

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The following is only for breast procedures and abdominal walls surgery:

a) How many pregnancies have you had? How long ago?:

b) Did you breast feed your children?

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Thank you. We will reply promptly with prices and availability.