A Step-By-Step Guide/Checklist
(Please print this out and check each item off as you go)

( ) Schedule a date for your surgery. Please contact us for available date.

( )  Please make sure your passport is in order. A passport is required to visit Costa Rica.

( ) You may take photos of yourself, if you wish. For a facelift please take a close-up of the front and side of your face. Please send them to the doctors by email at: rrosenstock@arrivacostarica.com

( ) If sending photos, please include a cover note with your photos. Include your name, any questions you have, and your preferred surgery date. We will send you a confirmation of your surgery date.

( ) Please fill out the Health Questionnaire and send it to us. You may send your photos by separate email.

( ) Please make an appointment at home for your pre-op physical. Print out the "Preparations prior to surgery" check list and take it to your doctor when you go in for your tests. We prefer the test results to be done within a month of surgery. Blood and heart evaluation results should be as close to your surgery date as possible. If you do not wish to have the pre-op physical and tests done at home, you may have them done here at a minimum cost.

( ) Upon receiving your confirmation from our office, please email the Las Cumbres Inn with your surgery date and arrival time (usually a day or two before the date of surgery), and they will reply with a confirmation. Las Cumbres personnel will pick you up at the airport and provide all the transportation during your stay.

( ) Once you have your surgery date and lodging confirmed, you may make your airline reservations. Please make these direct yourself, with your favorite airline carrier.

( ) For all other information regarding airport pick up, transportation, lodging and local customs, please contact the Las Cumbres Inn, San Jose, Costa Rica through email or telephone: 011-506-228-1011. They will coordinate all appointments and transportation with the doctors office.


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