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Arrivacostarica.com is commited to people in search for good plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, eye surgery or any other kind of special surgery. We have only the best certified doctors on the country who can offer an affordable solution to your cosmetic or healthy need. Please take your time, while investigating and taking this important decition:

Doctors in your Area: Plastic surgeons, plastic surgery clinic, dentist or any other doctor or specialist. Find Board certified plastic surgeons, professionals for cosmetic dentistry and others.

Search your Procedure: Average cost, general information about plastic surgery, dental and eye procedures, also non invasive list of procedures.

After surgery retreat and post surgery care: Taking care after surgery is the second part for a successfull plastic surgery. Here you will find what doctors recommends as the best recovery inn for after surgery patient care and some advices before and after surgery.

Average Prices: Compare prices before you take a decition. Costa Rica dentistry and other plastic surgery procedures are 2/3 less expensive than the U.S. Why? Because the overhead is lower. The medical facilities are superb and the doctors are among the finest in the world.

Press and photos: Find what ABC news special video says about Costa Rica as a plastic surgery and medical destination. Also, see before and after photos of cosmetic surgery. Costa Rica local photos can be reach as well.

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